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Krista Gaston

LMFT 120058

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Who typically works with me?

Who typically works with me?

I am currently providing tele-therapy services to residents of California. I therapeutically vibe well with young adults and teens. A majority of my therapy clients occupy leadership or justice-oriented roles. This includes mental health professionals, political movement workers, environmental justice advocates, climate educators, educators of all kinds, non-profit leaders, and parents. Supporting folks of all socio-cultural placements in the Up From Below Model, focuses on increasing personal emergence and development while gripping the dualism of joy and grief in movement and social change work. Helping our future generations, individually and systemically, grow Up From Below in a Top-Down World is my primary interest as an Eco-therapist. Individual Emergence is a collective and community task, and I'm humbled to meet you in the intersection of mental health to support your collective emergence. 

emer·​gence: the way complex systems and patterns arise out of a multiplicity of relatively simple interactions – Adrienne Maree Brown

Emergence is a holistically relational act. Systems Theory and Ecotherapy are foundational in my work to understand how to support you in connecting with your self and creating affirming environments for you to emerge.

Are you a therapist, therapist in training, social worker, entrepreneur teacher, creator, writer, or artist? Are you a parent of a queer or neurodivergent (ND) child? Are you a queer or ND parent? Is grief or trauma a part of your life? Are you impacted by justice and foster care systems personally or in your family or career? Looking for more eco-oriented healing practices to support your growth and healing?

Reach out :)

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